To download Web Gizmo just:

  1. Download the latest (from github)
  2. Unzip this file, by double clicking, and it should extract to a folder called something like "awhillas-webgizmo-b3f14d4".
  3. FTP into hosting server and copy everything inside the gizmo folder to your web root. Checkout the FTP guide if you don't know what FTP means.
  4. DONE! you should be up and running. Go to your web address and you should this website :) You can replace everything in the "content" folder with your own web page content (See the documentation for Publishers to learn more about this)


You might also need a text editor...

If your on a Mac you will not have a program for editing plain text files (Textedit doesn't let you save plain text files for some reason?) BUT there is a wonderful, free text editor you can download called TextWrangler.

On Windows you have Notepad, or you might want to try Nodepad++.

The main reason to get a text editor is to edit the text on your site. An editor that can understand Markdown would be helpful but not essential