Making it Custom

I know I said "no configuration" and out of the box Gizmo just works (or should) without any configuration. You can customise Gizmo a bit however. Here are the variables you can set to customise the behavior of Gizmo:

How do I "set" a variable

You can define a variable in the index.php file, which is a little bit techie (but not much). Open up that file and you should see that there are some already defined for you and look like this:

define('SITE_TITLE', 'My Site about my cat Fluffy!');

... which sets the website title to:

'My Site about my cat Fluffy!'

Note the single quotes must remain intact when you replace the title. There should already be a line like this in the index.php file. You just have to remove the "//" at the beginning of the line.

You can try and copy and paste this line into the index.php file, perhaps directly under the original, and replace the SITE_TITLE part with one of the following:

The variables

This is the title of the site and will usually go at the top of the homepage and most of your pages (depending on your template).
This should be set to the name of the theme (skin) that you want to use for the site. This should be exactly the name of the folder in the "/templates/html" that you want to use. It defaults to "/default" (funny that) and you should be able to see the default theme in the "/templates/html/default" folder. Don't forget to begin with a '/' e.g. '/yui' to use the YUI Grids based example theme that comes with Gizmo.
This should point to the folder in which you have your content. By default this is '/content'. If you want to use a different name for this folder set this variable. This can be an absolute path to anywhere on the web server.
The path to the Savant3 templates folder. This defaults to '/templates'. Perhaps change this if you want to also share a central templates folder across many sites.
If you server has mod_rewrite working then set this to true (which is its default value). If your getting a "500 Internal Server error" you might try deleting the .htaccess file and setting this to false
The default character encoding for content output. Defaults to UTF8. If you don't know what that means I wouldn't touch this.
The root URL of Gizmo. This is usually detected if you have it in the base of the domain name i.e. but if you have it in a sub-folder like the you would set this e.g. to '/gizmo' for the example.