Short term goals

  • Global "CONTENT_WIDTH" variable to help with defaults.
  • Google Analytics plugin, so defining a 'GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID' in index.php will insert the right code in the header.
  • Extension/Handler map overriding.
  • Automatic font detection. Look for a 'fonts' folder in the template directory and include all .css files there automatically.
  • Parameter reading from file/folder name.
  • Add last updated to the page meta + HTTP headers.
  • Write RTF parser... ya (that will be a fun day).

Ideas and future directions

  • Dropbox integration. Manage your site from your desktop.
  • Use Hierarchy in INI file reading to group extensions into names groups
    • Use named groups as a filter in the query language.
  • Multi-lingual support. Ether at
    • the top level (i.e. /content/en, content/de etc ),
    • or on a file-by-file basis (i.e. info.en.text,,, NB: will need language fallback list (look to Apache for ideas?)
  • Finish other rending formats i.e. RSS, plain text, RTF, PDF ...
  • The PEAR library has many classes that support reading and writing from and too different file formats. Would be good to support all the ones that have compatible licenses.

Not sure about these

  • Make setting variables with _VAR.txt files work
  • Metadata files, which should begin with an underscore '_' so you can associate captions or links to pictures for example.